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Mind Your Own Business: The Challenges of Running a Photo Business (and Some Solutions Too)

Join Skip Cohen, Richard Harrington, and Guest Sal Cincotta. They’ll explore practical advice for professional and semiprofessional photographers to help with the challenges in running a modern photo business. This Google Hangout is interactive and you can post questions to the experts during the event.

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  • Brian Breczinski

    I have so many experiences like the one at around 35 minutes, where I'm trying to give a business money and can't seem to get their attention.

  • Ernest Moreno

    I agree we will never be taken seriously as artists or a valued member of the work force and break the barrier of everyone that still just believes it is a hobby and not significant. We get paid to see the world and everything in it in the ways most people can't and bring that to life in an image for people.

  • Francisco Ortega

    WOW i have been listening to this video for the past two hours on and off. Im at work..

    There is such great information on here its overwhelming. Im new to the business side of photography but have been shooting seriously since 2011.  I am having a really hard time drumming up business as there are what seem to be a million photographers here in the MS Gulf Coast.
    I am advertising in a magazine, i constantly change my specials and offerings as i want to draw clients in – I have a day job that pays my bills but i want to eventually soon be a full time photographer.  Folks do not want to pay more than $250 for weddings, $35 dollars for portraits and $75 for headshots. Obviously i charge more – however, i am going to try some of the tips mentioned here like the Client for Life (Yes i will add disclaimers so as to not get pigeon tailed into a corner) and others and meeting with people face to face.
    My first question is how do i create an album or whom would you recommend i go to to have one made?
    Second –  the demographics in this area are generally poor. Low income, low education and the list goes on.  How can i do better to reach these folks.  I advertise on all online Facebook yardsale forums, im advertising in the magazine and not one call.


  • The Deserving Lifestyle

    Thank you for this video, I am a fashion designer and a part of my work is I do custom work working on one one with clients. I have learned a lot about pricing and all.

  • Sujey96

    Thank you for this video. I am learning not to be afraid to make money.

  • Slidell Photography

    You cant compete because you have companies like Bay Photo that will sell all of there products to consumers. Then those consumers want to look at you all crazy because you marked up that product that they could have bought themselves. At least Millers has a section for photographers only but there MPIX line is growing!

  • Johannes Compaan

    First time I heard a photographer say that Color Correction is a "stupid task" (28:12)

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