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Learn about running your own computer store.

Learn about running your own computer store.

This interview is with a real entrepreneur and can give you the insight you need before

opening your own computer repair business.

By: BusinessPlanWorld.com

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  • Ziggy Shaw

    If you have "finished with school and everything" why have your parents got anything to do with your career?

  • OrangeD00D

    That usually depends. There are some here that won't hire you until you're 18, but others will hire you at 14 for certain jobs.

  • shad0fx

    Great video, lots of great information… one thing i would suggest, he mentions presentation being a big key… most of the customers were wearing button down shirts, and he's wearing a "Tommy Hilfiger" t-shirt… while t-shirts are fine in a business stand point, it's a lot better to have a button down shirt or polo. If you do have t-shirts go to the local shirt printing shop and have them print your shop logo on the shirt… gives you another marketing advertising means as well.

  • skudzer1985

    I'd love to do something like this, but I live in a fairly small town, mostly factories and a couple fast food restaurants. I'd imagine that it's very important to study your local town and possibly even take surveys to make sure that it's financially an option to open a computer store. There used to be a computer store but it closed down before I ever got to see the inside, I'm not even sure they sold many parts, could have just been a computer repair store.

  • Kevin Brake

    @skudzer1985 You are considering the proper approach. You need to get some research that will either support or not support your idea. Then you can decide to continue or not based on your research.

  • Kevin Brake

    @T1TANGuild I see no reason why not! If you look at it from the customers point of view you may have those customers who want to come in see one in operation, test an application or two and leave right then with the PC. Others may want the flexibility to select a SSD Drive, Higher Speed Ram, Faster Graphics Card and so on.

  • Kevin Brake

    @whatasite I normally use TigerDirect and select my components and get it assembled and pay a low fee to have them assemble it.

  • leeson44

    Hows the business going? Great informational video.. I wish you the best .. !!!!!

  • Kevin Brake

    @leeson44 Ike sold is computer store in Toronto and moved back to his home country and opened another computer store.

  • Steve Hyde

    I started off doing mobile repairs 20 years ago and have been running my own store for 19 years, I can echo this guys words, trust is the key, if you try to make a quick buck then you will never last. http://www.northantscomputers.com is my business 🙂

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