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How to Start your Own Business to become an Entrepreneur!

How to start your own business for Entrepreneurs, beginners, kid, or teens with little or no money and experience. Entrepreneurs start businesses from scratch all the time and this video will show you how to start. Even if you only have $100 to start a business don’t be discouraged. It is still possible for you to create a successful and financially stable business as a beginner. Here’s how to Market your Business and Products: https://youtu.be/hGPSBBtF_40

Here is what I do behind the scenes of my online business: https://youtu.be/_8I8B5eT294

– How to Graduate College with no debt video: https://youtu.be/HLKFO1blF1A
– Community college vs University: https://youtu.be/-QeVsADp8_A
– Bow to Save Money For Beginners: https://youtu.be/aiGw8z4QGPY
– YouTube AdBoycott; YouTube Entrepreneur Tips: https://youtu.be/d81uufcnwNo

If you don’t live in Los Angeles County, simply type into google the name of the county in which you live plus the words, “County Clerk Registrar Office”. You go to the .GOV site to find the location of your local office and you can also check to see if your business name is taken by someone else in your particular county.
– Los Angeles County Registrar Office: https://www.lacounty.gov/business/starting-a-business-in-the-county/filing-a-fictitious-business-name
– L.A. County Clerk’s Office Info: http://www.lavote.net/home/county-clerk/fictitious-business-names/general-info

If you live in a different state than California, the process is mostly the same however paperwork and other things may be slightly different.
For example, in Los Angeles county you fill out the Fictitious business name statement paperwork that looks like this: https://goo.gl/y4Oxhe
In the state of New York, you fill out the paperwork that is called the Certificate of Assumed Name that looks like this: https://www.dos.ny.gov/forms/corporations/1338-f.pdf
– New York County Clerk’s Office Info: https://www1.nyc.gov/nycbusiness/description/certificate-of-assumed-name–business-certificate

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– (NEW!) How to Make Money Online using Amazon: https://youtu.be/TRViLWCVT20

– How to invest your money for beginners: https://youtu.be/3revKfYbW8s
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  • Issar Cerrato

    Awesome bro!!! You just reveiled the most important thing for an entreprenuer… BEEING PRACTICAL!!

  • Ziad Nawfal

    How many times can someone say '' business name'' in one video

  • janine campbell

    Starting mine at 16!

  • Daniel Lara

    bro your awesome, thank you for the words of wisdom

  • Flammin Hot Cheetos

    First step is not buttoning your top button without a tie on hot sauce.


    thanks young blood! love the fire! and it has helped me listening to you! happy new year!

  • Baked Potatoe

    Do u have to go to college for this ?

  • Jonathan Anderson

    Gotta work on ya speech. Very useful information.

  • Kylee Lee

    Rashaad boy you fine lawd

  • Kevelyn Reyes – The Mind

    so did you make the HOW TO START your own website video yet?!! and thank you so much for this video it was very helpful, you are appreciated.

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