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How To Open A Coffee Shop

Discover how to open and run your own coffee shop using turnkey business startup methods. Visit: http://www.openacoffeeshopaz.com

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  • stanley serchin

    There are too many coffee beans around the world. To my personal experience n opinion, there is on so-called best coffee, we can always make it better. "IN BUSINESS" you must find the "RIGHT COFFEE" to sell to your customers. You must know most of the people in your community what taste they actually like. That is to ensure your business are able to sustainably grow by 5-10% monthly, the day you open your first shop. Besides coffee, you must know how to make a cup of good tea, good chocolate drinks / Milo. There are many recipes making good quality drinks for different races of people and culture. Your regular customers will "feel it"…"SAME-SAME BUT DIFFERENT". More verities of good toast is a plus.That is the way to achieve success in the exciting F&B business.Western n Eastern in consuming a cup of coffee or tea are different because of their culture and history. Of course, the most important thing is they are affordable to spent. All these depends on the locations you plan to start up your business. "RIGHT LOCATION n RIGHT TIMING"

  • micjozz

    useless studio video

  • Incidentally Coffee

    good video, we need more coffee shops


    what the heck mate!! you speak like a kinder-garden student reading a fictional novel. pull your shit together..couldn't finish the video because of the sound coming out of you.

  • Dakota Thornton

    Shut the fuck up

  • dannybflat

    Purchase an existing one! HA Bad idea

  • Jacqui Smith Watson

    I am at 2:10 in the video. You have said NOTHING of importance to ANYONE wanting to open a coffee shop….no wonder you're making videos and not running a successful coffee shop! "PAVE YOUR OWN ROAD"…That's your info….that's what makes a successful coffee shop!???…OPEN A CHAIN (2:50)…. How the hell do we do that….you haven't told us how to make a buck running our first coffee shop!?!!!!! Oh, I get it (3:18) BUY MY eBook, that's your plan for us….BORING! I'm done….worthless!


    How About Luwak Kopi

  • Kenny Brown

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