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Being a Mum & Running Your Own Business | My Top Tips | Madeleine Shaw

Running your own business is hard work! Pop a new born on top of that and it can get pretty hectic. Here are some of my tips of being a mum and running your own business. I hope you enjoy it!

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  • Becca Blogger

    I love your videos. x x x

  • Vanityfri

    Thank you Madeline, really inspiring. You answered so many questions I often asked myself and I could not find answers!

  • Sabine Skarratt

    Ah this is a great video thanks Madeleine for your tips. Love your work xx

  • Leah Spillane

    Have you ever thought about doing a podcast series about all your passions?? You're a great conversationalist and I love your chattiness xx I'd love it xx

  • Alison Battisby

    Thank you Madeleine for sharing your thoughts! This is a lovely video – so positive and inspiring. I often wonder what I'll do as I love my work, but also want to be present – I think your 2 day a week solution is a great start. Thanks for being so honest!

  • Kerstin R

    Thanks for your video and honest words! I went back to work after 15 months and couldn't wait for it. I love my child but I also love my work. I couldn't go back earlier as we didn't get a daycare spot before that. A question about maternity leave money: Here in Germany the amount of money you get depends on your income before you went on maternity leave, not depending if you earned it as an employee or an intrepreneur. Is that different in GB?

  • Kamille Hoeg

    You're absolutely glowing !! love to have you back on social media, you're such an inspiration with your way of life.
    I'd love an updated video on your skin care routine or 'holy grail' skin care / products you couldn't live without xx

  • Rosie Grayburn

    Thank you so much for this positivity! I work in the US (Brits abroad!) and will have to return to work after 6 weeks, so I felt alot of what you had to say applied to me too. Thank you!!xx

  • Shawn Cox

    Great video. Here is a neat home business opportunity with CBD Oils. It is fun and helps people interested in wellness and healing. http://www.HempWorxBizOp.com/TheYardGuys

  • Lucy W

    I’m more passionate and focus on my baby more than work! I work as I have to. If I didn’t need to I certainly would not work. My baby will be a baby for only a short time and only once. No one can have it all. It’s impossible but mums have to do what we can and be our wonderful selves! Woman are super!!!

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