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Simple Steps to Managing Small Business Finances

http://nonjobs.com/simple-steps-to-managing-small-business-finances When starting a business, keeping up with and managing your business finances is one of those things you don’t think about, until you have to.

The financial aspect of it can be a bit daunting and confusing.  Take business write offs.  What can you write off especially if you work from home? Which is better to help manage your business expenses and taxes – a bookkeeper or an accountant?  What is the best way to manage your personal finances vs. your business finances?

We’re going to clear some of the confusion while helping you save time (which is an entrepreneur’s most valuable asset) and hopefully money with these simple steps to managing your small business finances.

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  • freedin

    he cant do it himself? what kind of paradigm is he making

  • jsmithnevinsky

    Who the fukk is the taco stand amateur on the right? He sounds and acts like he knows fukk-all.

  • John M

    cool and helpful

  • Ericka Williams

    Great interview guys. Managing finances is extremely important, without knowing your numbers you can not grow or fix your business. Great suggestions. i believe in a CPA to help you as you start so that as you get bigger you have a track record to see how far you have come and which way to go. Business credit is so VITAL a new corporation in under 100 days can get anywhere from 25,000- 100,000 dollars if you do it right. Many people co mingle TOO much that no one will give them more lines of credit due to confusion.

  • Amanda Gonzales

    Yo Elliot! All I'm passionate about is fighting for the voice-less: animals. But I have no idea how to make a non-job/good income from this because really, who is going to pay me to have an animal care/rescue/shelter? I have no idea how to get started, not much money, and I don't know any like-minded individuals..

  • Joshua Moe

    hello strength camp crew. My name is Joshua Morrow, and I am really interested in looking into a non job of some sort. I'm having a really hard time finding something that suits me in life, and I would really love to find something that I am passionate about and can succeed at financially. Any information you can give me will be very very helpful, thank you so much

  • Nikola Grković

    I want to be as short as I can. I've been waiting for years to fina a girfriend who can really and deeply understand my world, to love me just for who I am deeply at my heart. And I found one the moment I stopped searching. But, that girl drags some real shit with her, broken family, abusive relationships, her mother is on therapy, she made a shitty choises in the past. Now, I recently hook up with my best friend, why is a girl, and we do so many thing together, we are same school, we make movie together, hang out, have same friends, my family basicaly like her. But she shows basicaly no interess to continue our romantic "jurney". The first girl, who totaly shaked my world in a fucking week, wants me to decide what I want and to call her when I can be only with her. the first girl is really a gangsta, street smart as fuck, I cannot lie to her, I tried, no, she sees that and I like that so much! Tomorow I'm going to a school trip, and my friend from school aslo, and we may have sex on that trip, thrte is really a chance… What to pick, safe way, or the "harder" way, more dangerous, but also a growing expirience?

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