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I am so excited to be sharing this Fiverr review with you simply because I have been blown away by the results. So here’s the thing, I have been a member of Fiverr for well over a year as a buyer and I quite liked it as a place to buy things I needed to run my business… I had heard a number of people saying Fiverr is a great place to make money but I have never really had the time or the inclination to bother with it simply because well you know, you hear so many things right?

Well exactly 2 months ago, on Sunday 20th November 2016, I was messing around online and I am not sure why but I decided to put up a gig to publish guest posts on my mommy blog. So I published my gig, with honestly no expectations and I closed my laptop and went shopping…I came back and I had made a $40 sale. Since then it has been a whirlwind of awesomeness, selling guest posts on my Mommy Blog like hotcakes.

I have waited until 2 months before writing my review so I can share some decent stats with you! So can you make money with Fiverr? Well keep on reading!

Overall Ranking: 90/100
Price: Free to join as a buyer and a seller
Website: http://fiverr.com

What is Fiverr about?

Fiverr is an international online marketplace. You can buy and/ or sell just about any task or service on Fiverr. Fiverr is mostly used by freelancers that connect with buyers globally.

All tasks or services that are listed are called gigs and gigs start at $5 and go up in increments of $5, hence the name Fiverr.

Can you make money with Fiverr

My Personal Fiverr Experience

Well I just explained to you how fast I made my first sale from the moment I published my first Fiverr gig, it was probably in the space of about 2 hours.

As you can imagine, that was a great experience so I quickly added a few more gigs. One to publish guest posts about online marketing on this website, plus a social media gig (which I’ve since removed) and a gig to sell the ebook I wrote about my drug addiction.

Very soon I made sales on all of my gigs which excited me no end. It is not just about the money for me. I seriously get a kick out of it when I can add a new income stream to my business, but there is also the challenge of learning these things and mastering them.

Within two weeks I had leveled up from being a “new seller” to being a “level one” seller on Fiverr. This entails being an active member for 30 days, making 10 sales and maintaining a high rating.

Within two months I leveled up to being a “level two” seller on Fiverr – This basically entails making 50 sales within 60 days and keeping a good rating.

In total I have so far made $594 on Fiverr.

Can you make money with Fiverr analytics

Fiverr Pros and Cons

Fiverr Pros

  • Fiverr has millions of users which means your chances of making sales is high
  • The Fiverr website is user friendly for buyers and sellers
  • Payments are made via Paypal, Fiverr Revenue Card and Bank Transfer
  • Good customer services and support
  • Training is available at the Fiverr Academy
  • Great community support in the Fiverr forum
  • There is no charge to join and list gigs
  • They have an affiliate program

Fiverr Cons

  • It takes 14 days for money to be available to cash out from the time a buyer confirms an order is completed
  • Fiverr takes a 20% cut on all sales which many members consider too hefty
  • Although I myself have contacted Fiverr customer support on 3 occasions and had a great experience there have been many complaints that their customer support is terrible.

Who is Fiverr suitable for?

Everyone has a skill right? And if you have a skill you can sell it on Fiverr. There are some really interesting gigs being sold and the type of gigs range from content writing, voice overs, creating Youtube videos, editing Youtube videos, guest posts, social media marketing to things like spells!

There are students on Fiverr that are offering gigs for pocket money, bloggers like me that offer gigs as an extra income stream and freelancers that use Fiverr as their full time income.

Fiverr Training and Tools Overview

They have a Fiverr Academy which will help you on your Fiverr journey. They also have a blog, podcast and a forum which offers loads of additional information if you get stuck with anything.

Fiverr Support Overview

You can contact customer support with any queries. I have read mixed reviews about the Fiverr customer support with many people being scathing about the apparent lack of support.

That said I have contacted customer support 3 times in the last 2 months and each time they have come back to me quite fast and resolved my query quickly and efficiently to my satisfation. Perhaps I have just been lucky, or perhaps those were just moaners, honestly I can’t be sure. The only thing I can say is that my experience with Fiverr customer support was very positive in stark contrast with the complaints I have seen online.

If I get shoddy service in the future I will be sure to come and update this review!

You can also get great support from the community in the forum.

Is Fiverr a Scam?

Most definitely not, it is a great online marketplace with loads of potential. I have cashed out a few times and I am happy with my earnings to date.

Of course you will find some rotten sellers and some rotten buyers on any online marketplace so be sure to do your homework before buying a gig from a seller you have never used before.

My Personal Verdict for Fiverr

Well I have had 53 orders in 60 days so of course my personal feeling is that Fiverr is an incredible place to market some services and get a little bit of extra income. With some time and effort you could be making a full time income on Fiverr.

That said I have also seen some people that are struggling to make sales on Fiverr. I do think that there are certain things you should be doing to ensure your success on Fiverr, here are some suggestions:

  • Research your gig and your main competitors, check out the successful sellers and see if you can see what they are doing right.
  • Don’t copy your competitors, get inspiration from how they have set themselves up and make yourself unique
  • Be professional with setting up your profile and gigs, seriously spelling and grammar errors will do you no favours here! Hire a copywriter to make your gig stand out if English is not your first language and you are struggling. There are people selling gigs to do your Fiverr gig copywriting and it will be well worth looking into spending that money.
  • Make sure you answer messages as fast as possible to keep your response rate good.
  • Complete orders in plenty of time, try and complete them early to keep your customers happy.
  • Make sure you provide value and get good ratings from your customers.
  • Ensure great communication at all times with your customers and possible customers
  • Share your gigs on social media and on your website if you have one.

I hope you have found this Fiverr review helpful, and I wish you great success there. If you have any questions please ask and I hope I can answer them since I am still quite a newbie at selling on Fiverr.


On – 20 Jan, 2017 By Lynne Huysamen

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