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How to sell digital marketing services to local businesses

How to sell digital marketing services to local businesses

Digital marketing is a $200 BILLION dollar yearly industry in the USA alone and it’s only predicted to grow.

Businesses need digital marketing services such as SEO (ranking higher in search engines), paid traffic management (Bing, Adwords, Facebook etc.) and social media management.

Businesses will often pay thousands of dollars monthly for these services because the potential return they can get with it justifies the expense.

You can sell these services to business without performing them yourself, or knowing how to perform them. This is because you outsource the task to a competent agency or team, and then you profit the difference between what you charge the client and what you spend on the outsourcer.


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  • LAconfidential

    how about you tell us how to get clients in the first place? cold calling? advertising? cold emailing? make a video on prospecting next time

  • Dimitrov

    Great video, learned a lot from this.

  • Anthony Agovino

    Thanks so much for clearly explaining how to outsource Digital SEO Services. It was greatly helpful to my understanding of how to run a small Mom and Pop SEO agency without getting buried in the details of each client's accounts. Cheers and continued success.

  • Semmy Wijayanto

    Nice tips mr Dirk..

  • gogadget go

    hi diggi, great vid, just a quick question, can you point me in the right direction regarding training or courses in this field as a total begginer? thanks in advance my freind.

  • Folk Digital

    is this still relevant? I know google have changed how pages rank?

  • Louis Boyer

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  • Right SEO Services

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  • Wayne Small

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  • Riadh Foukrache

    I want to target a french speaking market, can these online companies provide the service ?
    Please help

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