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e-Commerce- 5 Tough Questions Every Local Business Owner Needs to Ask Himself

Local marketing is the most powerful way for businesses to connect with customers in their communities. As the world becomes more digital, customers are seeking more information online about that local business down the street, and that service their friend uses. Having a strong online and offline presence can help you dominate the neighborhood, but to gain a larger market share you need more. How is your business’ ecommerce foot print? Can you offer the same ease of purchase your big-brand competitors offer? Let’s look at why ecommerce has never been more important than right now.


Never before have customers been more connected. According to Search Engine Land, smartphone penetration in the US has already passed the 80% mark, which accounts for over 200 million smartphones in the US. 35% of total web traffic in the US comes from mobile phones. If I search your business through my mobile what will I find? What will be the top result?


In December, TechCrunch revealed that 79% of Americans now shop online. Over half (51%) have also bought something through their mobile phone. Consumers are getting more comfortable with online payments, a huge increase from only 22% in the year 2000. Is your business able to accept online and mobile payments? If not, check out STRIPE.

As consumers get used to making payments online and from their mobile devices, local businesses also need to make sure they can offer their goods and services online. Is your website updated? Can I easily purchase an item from your website or social media channel? Check out this article by the Huffington Post on how to choose the correct eComerce platform for you.


Investing in ecommerce is crucial for all businesses. When consumers shop online, they research, compare and use all channels before buying a product. There will always be those who prefer to shop in-shop, but they choose to shop online because of convenience. Improving your businesses’ ecommerce can help you keep up with competitors and provide you new sources of revenue as more consumers move to online shopping. Business owners need to come to terms that old models of retail are changing and that it is essential to adapt to this new online reality. Ecommerce and online sales have become an ever-important factor in small business revenue. Small businesses need ecommerce now more than ever.


On – 21 Aug, 2017 By Lior Shabat

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