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Breakdown: How to Run Facebook Ads for Local Businesses

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In this video you’ll be able to see exactly how to run profitable Facebook ads for local businesses – this video is for you if you’re either a) trying to run ads for a local business, or b) you own a local business and want to get more clients.

So the best way to run ads for, or as a local business, is using what we call the “freebie” or “discount” funnel. This marketing funnel involves giving away some sort of Freebie or discounted offer to the local audience that you are targeting.

For a dentist, you might give away a free teeth cleaning; for a hair salon you might give away a free hair cut, and for a bar or cafe, you might give away a discounted meal, or cocktail… and so on.

Now what will you need to implement this funnel effectively? You will need:

1) A Facebook ad targeting the local area (and describing the offer)
2) A Landing page where people can sign up and leave their contact details
3) A thank you page where you offer a one time offer on an Upsell (with a further incentive for people to book now)

As long as you come up with a relevant enough Freebie, that’s all you need to start running profitable Facebook ads for local businesses.

* As a sidenote: You can follow up with the people that have signed up for the “freebie”, with an email marketing sequence, or a retargeting strategy on Facebook to ensure they take advantage of the offer. (people forget, and it’s up to you to give them the nudge they need)

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