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Local marketing is about being topical. Mohannad El-Barachi, Co-Founder, CEO and Board Member at SweetIQ reveals how to boost traffic to your local listings, giving businesses quick tips on how to make sure they stand out to the online crowd this Valentine’s Day

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: making sure your listings are up to date is only the first rung in the local marketing ladder. To make listings stand out and rise to those coveted top spots in search and discovery sites (like Google’s Local Pack), you have to keep your information updated with topical, timely information. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you have the perfect opportunity to test this strategy. Below are a few tactics you can apply to catch the eye of someone trying to impress their loved one on Tuesday.


1. Update all your listings to match your Valentine’s schedule

Make sure your guests know you are open longer than usual so they can schedule a stay, or reserve a last-minute dinner (for those forgetful types!).

2. Leverage your Valentine’s promos and discount coupons for all your Local Listings

No matter the holiday, customers are always on the hunt for deals. Make sure you are giving them the right promotion at the right place and time. Use your local listings to advertise coupons or discounts. Maybe even create a whole Valentine’s experience and promote it online, from champagne to flowers!

3. Go visual with your Local Campaigns

This applies to all of your locations. Make sure you have compelling images for every listing that speaks to your audience the moment they are ready to buy from you. According to Forbes, visual content gets 94% more views than just text.


4. Implement a thorough Review Solicitation Campaign

Reviews are one of the main influencing factors when lovebirds are deciding where to celebrate. Building an online reputation is a critical step for any business; if you haven’t done so, take advantage of this busy time to solicit reviews from your happy guests. There are rules for this…so make sure you play a fair game, or you could get in trouble with key directories.

5. Reach out to your most loyal audience

Target return visitors and ask them to review your locations. Returning guests are usually happy ones, so make sure to leverage that satisfaction into a positive review!

Track It

6. Monitor your whole Valentine’s season

Track, track, track! Keep an eye on all your local metrics during your business’ busiest time. Your post-mortem will let you know which locations need improvement in order to best prepare for the next holiday season. The only way to know if your extra efforts were worth the work is to know your baseline, and assess progress accordingly.

So, you might be thinking, “This sounds great… but I’m not even managing my basic information in the first place!” Implementing the tips I highlight here might seem like a huge logistical nightmare at first. And it can be, especially if you are trying to manage your presence across several directories without a tool. But rest assured, you can take some steps to make this process easier for you and your marketing team. If you aren’t currently, start by keeping a documented file of all your location information. This is one of the first things a local marketing platform is going to ask you for, so take initiative now and get organized. The format doesn’t matter, so choose one that will be easiest for you to update; if that’s in CSV format, Excel away! Any local marketing tool worth their salt will be able to synch with the format you provide them (especially if that’s through API integration).

If local marketing is a game, getting the customer to your store is the prize. Do you want to play the game, or do you want to win? These tips are specific for Valentine’s, but to start winning local, think about how to optimize your listings for every relevant holiday, and get creative: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are a given, but you can get as whacky as National Hamburger Week or Dog Appreciation Month. Get your local listings in order, optimize your presence, and watch your foot traffic skyrocket.


On – 13 Feb, 2017 By Mohannad El-Barachi Co-Founder

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