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Digital marketing doesn’t mean for targeting only wide range of audience but, it is a way of getting more leads, profits and business whether it comes from local or far. It is always said, everything started from home itself.  Similarly,  when trying to target your audience, it is good to start from your local audience.

Suppose you owns a restaurant business, if you forget your local audience while popularizing your brand, it will cause a huge loss to you. People might come from far places, when they visit to your city but, for tasting your luscious food no one come specially. It is really important to target your local customers, while doing digital marketing.

Local audience always act as savior of your business. They not only visit you but, also helps in creating your brand awareness. It is really important to follow strategy in impressing them.

Here, I come with 18 local digital marketing tips and tricks that will help you in targeting audience nearby your business.

Geo Targeted Facebook Ads:

Facebook provides a facility of ads by which you can popularize and market your brand easily. Target your local customer through Facebook ads. Facebook ads are really amazing when we talk about targeting people nearby your business location. It helps you in targeting particular group in particular region.

Google My Business Account:

Creating your google my business allows you to share your location in Google map. Choose your business category smartly. If someone search for a category, there are chances, they can find your business in google map. You can also share your photos and contact number. Google also shows your detail in Google Search results like this one.

Virtual Trigger in Google SERPS

Share Local News:

It is one of the most easy and catchy way to hold the attention of your local customers. Try to engage your audience with local news. Share popular and creative local news of your niche in your blog. It will help you to get new eyeball for your business.

Homepage Optimization:

There is a famous saying “First impression is the last impression”. Home page of your website is like your store front. Optimize your homepage smartly. Always optimize homepage of your website for your target keyword and your locality. If you have a photography business in Delhi, your home page should be optimized for photographer in Delhi. Always put your keyword in Meta Title. Making your home page content heavy can help you to get high ranking for your local keyword.

Create Content for Local Audience:

When marketing your product, it is really very important to know the taste of your audience. Create content on your website around local search terms.Your content should be relevant enough that it gives clear idea about your business. Google keyword planner is a great tool to find local keywords. Just enter your keyword in search bar, it will show you all related keyword with their search volume.

Local Facebook Groups:

Now a days, Facebook  becomes a faster way of communication among people.  In order to communicate among large audience, people forms groups. In these groups people shares photos, their views, taste, comments and many more. Sharing of your stuff in local Facebook groups helps  you in reaching large number of local audience easily.

Share your Address and Location:

It is a good practice to give information about your address. It helps your audience to find you and connect with you. Mention your address in your website and your social media accounts. Also share your google map location in your contact us page.

Local Business Directories Submission:

The main principle of digital marketing is the more you share,  more you get. Submit your business to local business directories. It will help in connecting your small business to local audience. Some local business directories also give dofollow links. These backlinks will be helpful to increase your authority in search engine result pages.

Google PPC:

Ads are the easy way of promoting any business. Introduce Google PPC ads for competitive keywords targeted to your locality. Running your ads on local blogs through Google Display network can help you to get more business. If you are new to PPC campaigns, you may be unaware to that it will cost you less to hire a PPC agency than it will to launch a campaign yourself.

Be Active in Local activities:

Create guides for your local activities and promote them online. It will not only help you in building trustworthy relationship with your audience but also helps you in getting more new customer.

Create and share Images:

Images are always having remarkable hold on the mindset of people over a content. Share relevant local images on your website and social media platforms. Sharing images of your happy customers is really cool.

Optimize Meta Tags for Local Search:

Meta tags too holds very important position. Describe your location or service area in the meta description. As, before entering into any site people read Meta description, if that suits them well, then only they enter. Put your city in title and meta description. Like, if you are having a real estate company in India, your title should be composed of real estate and India.

Reach out to Influencers in your area:

Influencers are those people whose words puts impression on the mindset of people. You can connect influencers as a reviewers. Their words and comments holds very deep impact. Connect with local influencers and popularize your brand among them.

Backlinks Building:

Backlinking always puts long lasting impression on the search engine results. As Rand Fishkin said “Don’t build links, build relationship”. Building relationship in your niche with local blogger and sharing their stuffs on your blogs also helps you to earn some  backlinks from these bloggers. Know more about links here.

Local Events Participation:

Social gathering is a phenomenal way of easily getting audience attention towards your brand. Participate in local events online and also provide them discounts,fairs and offers for these local events to your customers. Sponsoring local events can help you to market your business online.

Cross Promotion:

Cross promotion is an easy way of getting more leads. It is not only the way of spreading your brand awareness but also a way of getting backlinks and details of others as well. Do cross promote your business with other local businesses. Share their events and promotional offers in your digital marketing channels.

Video SEO for local Search Terms:

Create a video to advertise your local business. Upload it on Youtube and Vimeo and optimize it accordingly to your business and your city. For example if you own a photography business in Mumbai, optimize your Youtube video title and description for photographer in Mumbai and put a link of your website in the video description. Make sure your description should be at least 200-300 words. You can also drop your link of internal pages in the description.

Leave Comments on Local websites:

Leave thoughtful, relevant and meaningful comments on local websites that will not only help you in leveraging more traffic to your website but, also help you in earning some backlinks. When you drop a comment on any blog, make sure it add value. Less relevant and meaningless comments puts wrong impression on the mind of people. Your thoughtful comments can help you to increase your authority in your niche.


Everyone wants to gain huge profit in their business. For Popularizing any brand online, it is really very important to target and focus on every key points whether it is small or huge. Like that, always try to target your local audience.

For any further assistance or any views, feel free to contact us. We are always there to help you in increasing your online presence with our digital marketing services. With these simple local digital marketing tips, you can easily holds the attention of your audience and increase the chances of getting more leads.

If you are not targeting your local customer, start targeting today with these local digital marketing strategies. I guarantee at least few of them will give you good results.



On – 31 Mar, 2017 By Jagdeep Malik

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