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5 things I do every week to grow my presence online

I live in the online world….mostly because of my job as a social media manager for small businesses. I always have to be on…..but I also have my own business to promote and content that needs to get out. There are things that I do weekly that helps me grow my presence online. When you are trying to grow your presence it’s best to have a plan…..you need an action plan because if you go at it blind….you will end up doing to many things at one time and forget something or you may not look branded or organized. No one wants to read from someone who seems all over the place. Here are a few things I do weekly to make sure you know who I am, what I’m doing, and how you can keep up with me

Send out an email list every Tuesday – My email newsletter is called Talk Tuesday. It’s where I talk SHAT about my week. It’s funny….it’s opened by the majority of my subscribers (over a 50% open rate), I get feedback every week and truly it’s the best way to keep up with whats going on in my world. It’s really about Kita and my blog and business reflects my personality….a crazy person…lol. Every week I do a giveaway of money, gift cards, stock photos, free business stuff, etc. I give you my weekly rundown of what I’m doing and trust me it will make your Tuesday. I give you a roundup of the week, some inspiration, and most importantly some real business tips just for you (and it’s on video) so make sure you subscribe and catch me every Tuesday in your email.

Adhere to the five minute rule – Social media can take up your entire day…trust me….I know because I run the social media accounts for over 10 businesses daily……For my business though I make sure I implement a 5 min rule for all of my active social media profiles a day. I have four that I am on constantly so I make sure I set aside five minutes a day for each one. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook…..here is what I do…….I set a timer and I engage, like, rt, comment, share, follow pages, etc for five minutes each day. Let’s make Instagram for example….I set my timer and then I go in and I like the first few pictures I see (the ones I really like) then I comment on at least five photos, then I follow at least five people……I do this within the 5 min time frame. This is how I engage, meet new people, and I get people to see who I am. Most of the time 4 out of the five people I comment on will come back and comment or like my page or even follow me (if it’s someone new)…try it out for FB I did a video on it to give you a tip

Write at least two blog posts for the next week – I like to stay ahead of the game when it comes to my blog posts. People are like how do you have time to write blog posts 4 times a week (I write on Mondays about anything, Tuesdays are my tip Tuesdays, Wed is a business post and Fridays are always food related). Easy! I write two blog posts this week for the next that way I am always ahead of the game. Since my kids had winter break a few weeks ago I actually took that week to write two weeks worth of posts….It may have not been the entire posts but I did bullet points and titles so that all I had to do was fill it in later. The bulk of the work was done. Always keep content up on your site because people want to know that you are staying relevant. If they come to your site and you haven’t written any content since Christmas…they may think…hmmmm she’s not around so let me go somewhere else. How does the saying go…work until you don’t have to introduce yourself. Until people get to know me I have to make sure my content is literally in their face on a constant basis

Clean my emails out – This one is a doozy….trust me I am not the one to have over 50 emails sitting over a day. I hate that and I am very anal about it. I check my emails in the mornings, again at around noon, and then clear it out before I go to bed at night. I also have folders for all of my stuff. I also have separate emails for different things. I have one email that has all of my newsletter subscriptions…that way I can run through them while in the car line waiting on my kids, I have an email for spam type stuff…you know when you go to the store and they ask you for your email to send you coupons and stuff….yep I have an email for that. I have my business email which is hello@itsreallykita.com (yep y’all better use that lol) I also have my blog email which is kita@itsreallykita.com. I have a personal email that is used for household stuff, kids school stuff, etc. I check all of them daily and try to stay on top of cleaning them out so that by the end of the week it’s nothing in there at all. I also make sure I answer people back within 24 hours…even if I don’t get to them until the night time…I want to make sure that people know I am not ignoring them.

Take stock of whats working and not working – I try different things and I admit some things stick and some things don’t. My Talk Tuesday was actually a popular segment on my blog when I first started and people loved it. So much so that I moved it to a newsletter so that people can really get me weekly. That worked for me….periscope didn’t. I would go on there weekly and it was dead so I got rid of the app. I am now trying my hand at video and if this doesn’t work I am going to scrap that. It’s okay to get rid of stuff that doesn’t work. Notice what does well on Instagram….pictures of my kids and my personal life does better than random pictures so I try to make sure I keep it fun and add funny captions to my instagram posts. When I do my morning talk on FB…those usually see the best results so I talk on Fb every morning about something that pertains to real life. Pinterest isn’t working for me anymore so I only use secret boards on there to capture things. Twitter…works for me……I don’t know about y’all but that thing is still a powerful beast and if they get rid of it…I will actually cry because it’s where the bulk of my traffic comes from. Know what works for you and what doesn’t and don’t be afraid to scrap it and change things up.

Take a break often from social media because it can consume you to the fullest. I try to break on the weekends with little to know posts (unless it’s automated) and I try to stay offline during the weekends. I need that time to rest, spend time with my kids, and spend some time with me. How do you spend your week growing your online presence?






On – 15 Mar, 2017 By Kita

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