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Web hosting is a service that allows individuals, businesses and organizations to put up a website or web page on the Internet. Hosting services provide the technologies and support needed for the website or webpage to be viewed online. These websites are hosted or stored on special computers called servers that are maintained or owned by the web hosting service, or leased from third-party services that operate “server farms” or data centers.

Most hosting service providers require that you own your domain so you can have your site hosted by them. If you do not have a domain, hosting providers usually can take care of getting you a domain name (the address for the website) as well as setting up nameservers or DNS for your newly-purchased domain name. In this article, we’ll present to you the top 20 website hosting services providers for small business. But first we’ll take a quick look at this industry.

Web Hosting Services: Facts & Figures

Web hosting is a high-growth, fast-paced industry that services a constantly changing digital landscape and the varied requirements of a connected world. Here are some snapshots and selected statistics on the web hosting industry and other related areas:

  1. There are over 1.26 billion websites in the world right now. The billion mark was first reached in September 2014.
  2. In the early internet, domain names were limited to just 9 extensions (.com, co.uk, .us, .gov, .edu, .org, .net, .co.il, .co.us, .mil). As of August 2017, you can register a domain name using 1 of 1,547 extensions.
  3. There are over 330 million registered domain names as of first quarter of 2017.
  4. WordPress is the #1 CMS, hosting over 20.5 million sites or a market share of 58.8%. Among popular sites powered by WP include The New York Times, Forbes, and the Facebook Blog.
  5. The top 10 hosting companies account for 24% of the web hosting market, or almost 1 in 4 of the world’s websites.
  6. 2 out of 5 internet users will abandon a slow loading website (by slow we mean a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load).
  7. Half a billion dollars each year are lost by the U.S. economy due to slow loading websites, and a 1 second delay reduces conversion rates by as much as 7%.
  8. By end of 2018, it is expected that more than half of the world’s population will be online.
  9. By 2020, it is predicted that 68% of internet traffic will be conducted via a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

Total Number of Websites

The Price of Web Hosting Services

If you’re a small business or startup, price or cost will always be a major consideration when availing of web hosting services. The thing you have to understand is that price is dependent on the type of web hosting service you will avail and the features that come with it. On the typical monthly subscription, pricing plans can be as low as a single figure or reach as high as triple figures. Again, depending on the type of hosting service plan that you get which generally falls into three categories:

  1. Shared Web Hosting. It’s the budget-friendly way to get your site up and running. It costs something like $10 per month or less. Your website is stored in a server that also hosts other websites. The downside is that if other sites you share with the same server experience spikes in traffic that may affect the stability of your site. However, being affordable makes it the choice of many, especially small businesses.
  2. VPS Hosting. This plan offers more features and flexibility and combines the best components of shared and dedicated servers, without the expensive cost of the latter. Your site runs on a server that hosts fewer sites than a shared one, and where the cost of running the server is shared by sites hosted there, resulting in relatively lower cost. Prices usually range from between $20 to $100.
  3. Dedicated Server. You get a server all your own and to utilize its full power – RAM, CPU, storage and everything, if you can afford the price of a $100 or more a month. Your investment, however, will give you the site loading speed you need, ability to handle huge traffic, and greater control over scripts and apps you’d like to install on your server, among others.

Keep in mind that a web hosting service is the one that will store and deliver the files, images, audio, video and other elements that will comprise your website; hence it is important that you properly match the service offerings and features with your needs. Fortunately, most hosting providers, including our top 20 web hosting services providers for small business featured here, offer the three plans listed above giving you scalable and flexible options.

Here are our top 20 web hosting services providers for small business:

  1. HostGator
  2. 1&1
  3. InterServer
  4. HostFav
  5. WP Neuron
  6. Limitless Hosting
  7. HostSlayer VPS
  8. QuickBooks Hosting – Powered by Techarex Networks
  9. WebHost.UK.Net
  10. PlotHost
  11. SiteGround
  12. Dreamhost
  13. Arvixe
  14. InMotion Hosting
  15. iPage
  16. Namecheap
  17. HostMonster
  18. Hostwinds
  19. Bluehost
  20. A2 Hosting

1. HostGator

HostGator provides powerful web hosting made easy and affordable with options for shared, VPS and dedicated hosting packages. It offers a 45-day money-back guarantee as well as 24/7 customer support via phone and online Web chat. The multi-awarded service boasts of hosting 8 million domains including prominent clients such as Dell, Cisco and AT&T. HostGator utilizes 10 different fiber providers and rents data center facilities from The Planet with four facilities in Texas. The provider offers power back-ups, fire detection, and continuous monitoring to maintain the safety and security of its 12,000 servers. It guarantees 99.9% uptime and provides an RSS feed for server status updates. Except for dedicated servers, all accounts are backed up weekly and its free to restore a backup if you supply the backup file yourself. If not, the provider charges $15. Except for VPS and dedicated server, HostGator does not allow overselling; hence, the capacity it provides is the actual capacity you get.

Lowest price – $2.78/month. A discounted rate on first term and valid for all shared, cloud and WordPress hosting plans.

What is unique about HostGator?

  1. Vast array of tools. From drag-and-drop site builder, pre-built sections, themes and templates, you get everything you need to launch a website and publish it quickly.
  2. One click installations. With its QuickInstall tool you can easily create any type of website: blog, forum, CMS, wiki, photo gallery, E-commerce store, and so much more.
  3. Universal compatibility. Since HostGator runs on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, thousands of existing applications and software are compatible.
  4. Full web hosting features. Together with the flexible, easy to use Control Panel, you get unmetered bandwidth. unlimited sub domains, FTP accounts, email accounts, and non-contract 45-day money-back guarantee.
  5. Freebies. Each hosting plan comes with free website builder, over 100 mobile-friendly templates. image library, free website transfer, domain transfer, MYSQL transfer, script transfer, and 52 free script instantly installed on your account, among others.
  6. Award-winning support. There’s 24/7/365 premium support via phone, live chat, and email. Also, there are automatic weekly off-site data backups, constant server monitoring, and online support portal with over 500 video tutorials and more than help articles.
  7. Application hosting. Instantly and easily install over 75 open-source scripts with just a click. You can host your own WordPress blog, run professional CMS solutions with Joomla or Drupal, operate an ecommerce platform with Magento, or start a Wiki web site with MediaWiki.

2. 1&1

1&1 is one of the world’s leading web hosting providers and is noted for its affordable plans. It offers a wide range of web hosting products such as email solutions and high-end servers in 10 different countries including Germany, Spain, UK and the U.S. It positions itself as a one-stop Internet shop that provides affordable services and products that range from domain registration to web hosting, site creation and technical support to cutting edge technology. 1&1 offers users every available resource to easily and affordably create and maintain an optimal Web presence. 1&1 hosting solutions cater to private users as well as high-end products for small-and medium-sized businesses. From domains to personal plans like MyWebsite to eBusiness solutions like Cloud Hosting and Web servers for complex tasks, 1&1 promises to deliver high quality service to its customers. I&1 operates green data centers in the U.S. and Europe and currently manages more than 19 million domain names.

Lowest price – $0.99/month. The amount is for the first month of a basic plan for a 1-year period. On the 2nd month and onwards, the price becomes $7.99/month. The plan consists of 100GB storage, up to 2.5GB RAM, one website, 25 databases, 500 email accounts, one domain, SSL certificate, and 24/7 support.

What is unique about 1&1?

  1. Next level hosting. The provider boasts of next level performance with anytime scalability; next level speed with HTTP/2 and PHP 7.1; and next level security with SSL certificate, DDoS protection, and geo-redundancy.
  2. Fast loading times. Independent test carried out by WebshotChecker in 2017 showed loading times of 2.53 seconds, faster than four of he provider’s nearest competitors.
  3. ISO certified. 1&1 data centers are among the most modern and safest in the U.S., verified with ISO-27001:2013 certification from TUV Nord.
  4. State-of-the-art websites. You can create responsive and modern websites using apps, plugins and themes that can be downloaded with a few clicks.

3. InterServer

InterServer has been in the business for 18 years providing standard web hosting services and other innovative hosting solutions. The web hosting service provider is a popular choice for individuals and companies looking to achieve online visibility to boost their business and meet corporate goals. Their array of solutions includes Web hosting, cloud VPS, quick servers, dedicated servers, colocation and other managed services. InterServer runs its own data center in New Jersey and also rents a facility in California. Their data center is equipped with features such as UPS power, fire suppression, biometric locks, raised floors, overhead air conditioning, and HVAC. The provider offers a 100% power uptime guarantee on colocation and a 99.9% uptime guarantee on its VPS plans.

Lowest price – $5/month. It comes with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited number of domains, and unlimited number of emails. Discounts can lower the price to $4/month if you opt for 36 months in one go which only amounts to $144.

What is unique about InterServer?

  1. Great features at low price. The lowest price gets you some great features such as unlimited storage, transfer and email. You also operate up to 20 websites, and get free SSL cetificates.
  2. 1-click installs for 100+ scripts. Easy one click installation for more than 100 scripts for WordPress, Cubecart, osCommerce, Prestashop, Magenta and many more.
  3. High performance storage. InterServer utilizes high performance SSD hard drives that range from 30GB to 240GB and are 20x faster than standard SATA disk drives.
  4. Multiple language servers. The latest versions of PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python, Ruby, and more are pre-installed but you can customize your server with any Linux-based application, server software, or OS component.
  5. Easy control panel. Easily add and manage multiple virtual servers within the InterServer control panel. With the web-based control panel you can effortlessly scale your virtual server up or down.

4. HostFav

HostFav Cloud VPS is comprised of two cloud-based hosting options – Cloud VPS Linux LXC and the Cloud VPS for both Windows and Linux. Both options are intended for smooth, reliable, and cost-effective multiple site hosting. Sice both products are cloud-based, you don’t need to invest in additional hardware or worry about storage capacity of your standalone physical server. HostFav Cloud Service is powered by high-performance multicore Intel Xeon processors and RAID disk storage for data redundancy. These translate to highly secure, industry-grade network with scalable environments that offer high availability systems with 99.99% guaranteed uptime. The provider’s data centers boast of network redundancy, power redundancy and interruption-free maintenance. 

Lowest price – $2.50/month. That’s for Linux shared hosting and Windows shared hosting with free domain name, performance standard, included domains, sub domains, email accounts and unlimited bandwidth.

What is unique about HostFav?

  1. Plenty of web hosting options. Products you can choose from include managed WordPress hosting, Linux shared hosting and reseller hosting, Windows shared hosting and reseller hosting, Linux cloud VPS, Windows or Linux cloud VPS, and managed Windows or Linux cloud VPS. Each of these include 3 affordable plans, giving you lots of hosting choices.
  2. 24/7/365 support. In-house customer support teams are available all the time through live chat, support tickets, 24×7 call center, and email.
  3. Dozens of hosting features. All the hosting features you need are offered by HostFav such as site builder, domain name, email support, web file manager, MySQL databases, log files, site statistics, FTP access, spam protection, and dozens of others.
  4. Free advertising credit. Get advertising offers from Google, Bing, and other leading sites to help you grow your business, all included with the plans.

5. WP Neuron

WP Neuron offers premium managed WordPress hosting that is secure and fast with the unique use of Apache, Varnish, and Nginx. Among the product features include updated servers, smart cache flushing, and modern technologies such as PHP7 and HTTP/2. Top level security is one of the strengths of WP Neuron which regularly scans all websites for malware and, if they find some, they will clear your install for free. Among other precautions to keep your site safe with WP Neuron’s hosting include blocking brute force attacks on your website across all their infrastructure, and blocking tools and bots that are scanning your website for vulnerabilities or trying to disable your website with a DDoS attack. Their anti-malware scanner constantly runs on their servers looking for any signs of malware code. Enhanced security and free malware removal are offered with all their plans. You also get to migrate your website for free.

Lowest price – $3.75/install/month. That’s per WordPress install, and comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic, and unlimited data transfer.

What is unique about WP Neuron?

  1. Dedicated WordPress hosting. The full resources and infrastructure are built for one thing – to get your WordPress powered site up and running. You probably know what that WP stands for in the Neuron name.
  2. Fast loading. Your WordPress site will load remarkably fast with the use of Nginx, Varnish and Apache servers, guaranteeing quick delivery.
  3. Security first. Security is the first concern of WP Neuron, hence every measure has been put in place to ensure that all websites hosted are safe and malware free.
  4. Reliable WP support. Technicians who are certified WordPress developers and server administrators are available to assist in any issues and problems.
  5. Additional services. WP Neuron offers premium plugins and themes from their own workshop for free. They also provide help with WordPress development.

6. Limitless Hosting

Limitless Hosting offers web hosting, VPS, and game servers. It also does reseller hosting and rovides DDoS protection of up to 250 Gbps. For gamer servers, there is a control panel with array of features such as auto-restart and backup system. They also preinstall and maintain all the software you need on your server. Among the hosting features include unlimited mailing disk space, IP tables firewall, SEO and marketing tools, cPanel, 99.9% uptime, monthly backups, CloudLinux, instant activation, free SSL, virus scanner, and many others. Limitless Hosting is best know for offering one of the lowest, if not the lowest pricing plan available today. And all the prices among their plans and packages are comparatively more affordable compared to other web hosting providers.

Lowest price – $.50/month. Yes you read it right. That’s half a dollar per month for 10 GB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth, 1 add-on domain, 1Gbps network speed, and a cPanel.

What is unique about Limitless Hosting?

  1. Most affordable plans. You have over a dozen plans to choose from with prices ranging from $.50 – $10. You can scale your business or personal requirements and get only the plan with the features you need at the most budget-friendly price.
  2. WordPress optimized. Get your site up and running on WP in no time with a 1-click installer that you can also use to install Joomla, Drupa and more than 150 other apps.
  3. Fast loading. Experience 12x faster loading speed with the latest technology applied by Limitless hosting such as SSD, PHP7, SSL, CDM and others for optimal performance.
  4. Powered by cPanel. The online Linux-based web hosting control panel with graphical interface and automation tools that Limitless Hosting use simplify and speed up the hosting of web sites.

7. HostSlayer VPS

HostSlayer offers web hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting services with 24/7 technical support. They offer a custom server panel that lets the user reinstall their operating system to any of HostSlayer’s available supported operating systems. The provider uses WHMCS software for their billing system and to set up your hosting account. They also use SolusVM for the VPS control panel where you can you can reboot, shutdown, boot, and reinstall the VPS. HostSlayer VPS offers 100% uptime guarantee and strong DDoS protection that covers up to 250Gbps. The provider’s custom firewall can stop all DDoS threats without any lag. Many game servers are hosted on HostSlayer’s network which is connected on a 1Gbps port.

Lowest price – $1.99/month. It’s an SSD web hosting setup with 5GB RAID-10SSD, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, free daily backups, Nginx/CloudLinux, and 50 Gbps DDoS protection.

What is unique about HostSlayer VPS?

  1. 100% uptime. In web hosting, uptime is crucial. It means that your site is up, online, operating and accessible all the time, which is how a website should be.
  2. Sophisticated DDoS protection. HostSlayer provides free protection from DDoS attacks of up to 50 Gbps using 7 filters and the most advanced technologies where all traffic sent to your web server is re-routed and analyzed in real time in order to allow only legitimate requests.
  3. Solid state drives. Every hosting account is provided with SSD storage arrays with Radi-10 for the fastest and most reliable storage technology.
  4. Premium bandwidth. Your hosting account is connected to the Internet on a 1Gbps port on a network consisting of high quality carriers of 100Gbps.

8. QuickBooks Hosting – Powered by Techarex Networks

QuickBooks Hosting – Powered by Techarex Networks runs on Techarex Networks servers that use cloud infrastructure so you can perform your accounting operations on the go and access your data from anywhere and at anytime. Techarex offers free migration and setup if you are switching from any other QuickBooks hosting provider to them. Techarex guarantees 99.99% server uptime and uses the highest security standards that include secure connection, 128-bit encryption, and fully clustered multi-tiered architecture. It uses Tier IV+, SOC, and SSAE-16 compliant data centers and PCI-DSS compliant data security. All your files are backed up 24 hours in several locations to ensure your QuickBooks data is always protected and available. In addition, Techarex provides easy data transfer with the help of its experienced team.

Lowest price – $39/user/month. This shared QuickBooks hosting plan is backed by reliable support from Techarex Networks team, compliant with international security standards, and has DIY resources and integrated support for QuickBooks issues.

What is unique about QuickBooks Hosting – Powered by Techarex Networks?

  1. Anytime, anywhere access. You can manage your accounting on the go from any location, at any time, and from any device.
  2. Pay as you use. QuickBooks cloud hosting is built to meet your budget and requirements with monthly and flexi-pay plans. Pay only for what you need and what you use.
  3. No bandwidth and resource restriction. There is no limit on resource usage such as RAM and related software, as well as on bandwidth utilization.
  4. Includes all apps and features you need. All QuickBooks hosting plans come with file explorer, Excel, MS Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, 90 days backup, and enterprise security.
  5. In-depth knowledge base. You can resolve the most challenging QuickBooks issues with a robust knowledge base especially created by industry experts.

9. WebHost.UK.Net

WebHost.UK.Net is a fast growing hosting provider that offers affordable and secure web hosting packages on both Windows and Linux servers. It has hosted over 120,000 websites since 2003  and has customer all over the world including the US, Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. All its servers and customer support are based in the UK. WebHost.UK.Net provides web hosting, email hosting, and domain registration for businesses of all sizes and offers a 30-day money back guarantee. The provider offers 24/7 live chat and ticket support, and guarantees 99.9% uptime. It uses quality hardware with its servers powered by Dell Quad Core processors with dual hard drives and 4 GB RAM. In addition, the company uses the latest security measures to protect customer data.

Lowest price – £1.25/month. That’s 50% off the regular £2.50/month shared hosting with 500MB web space, 5GB monthly bandwidth, and free setup and domain. It also includes CGI, PHP, RoR and MySQL.

What is unique about WebHost.UK.Net?

  1. Ideal for personal and professional sites. Whether you’re a freelancer, sole entrepreneur or startup, you get the web hosting features you need at an affordable price.
  2. Four niche plans. You have choices for shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud VPS servers, and dedicated servers to meet your professional or business hosting requirements.
  3. Priority search rankings. UK based domain registrations and web hosting are given priority search engine rankings.
  4. All in one place. Domain registration, SSL, e-mail hosting, and web hosting are all in one place since data centers and facilities are all located in the UK.

10. PlotHost

PlotHost was established in 2008 and provides a basic selection of four solid shared hosting plans. All packages include SSD RAID 10 storage, unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases, unlimited FTP accounts, free setup and site migration, and 1-click installation for more than 400 apps. Customers with specific hosting needs have the option to develop custom plans with the help of the PlotHost team. You can even try a test account with a sales team to guide you. PlotHost offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and uses top quality hardware and software, with servers located in the US. Every server is equipped with CentOS operating system and the latest stable versions of ConfigServer Firewall, MySQL, and Apache, among others.

Lowest price – $2.95/month. This includes 2GB storage, 20GB bandwidth, unlimited number of domains, unlimited number of emails. 24/7 technical support, and 15-day money-back guarantee.

What is unique about PlotHost?

  1. Free services. You get free accounts transfers to PlotHost servers, free scripts installation assistance, and free SSL certificates for your sites, in addition to a CloudFare system and 1-click installation for over 400 applications.
  2. Cheap shared hosting packages. The four plans carry prices ranging from $2.95 to $10.95 monthly which are among the most affordable shared web hosting plans available.
  3. Multi-awarded service. Since 2008, PlotHost has reaped half a dozen awards for product performance and features.
  4. 15-day test. You can test out the product and service with a money back guarantee if you are not at all satisfied.

11. SiteGround

SiteGround was founded in 2003 and has offices in the US, Panama, and Bulgaria. It is a web hosting service for individuals and small businesses and currently hosts some 350,000 websites from around the world. The provider offers Linux-based shared, reseller, dedicated, and cloud web hosting packages and supports e-commerce applications like Magento, osCommerce, and Prestashop. SiteGround utilizes data centers located in Chicago, Singapore, and Amsterdam, and boasts of reliable and fast servers with guaranteed 99.9% uptime. The service provides many security measures including the add-on HackAlert Monitoring ($1/month), anti-spam software tools SpamAssassin and SpamExperts, IP address blocklists, and hotlink protection. Likewise, it offers a feature called Leech Protect to help administrators prevent users from revealing their passwords to portions of the site.

Lowest price – $3.95/month. This StartUp Plan comes with 10GB storage, bandwidth for 10,000 monthly visits, one domain, and unlimited number of emails.

What is unique about SiteGround?

  1. All essential hosting features for starters. Whether you have a personal site, an average-size blog, or a small online shop, you get all important hosting features such as site builder, cPanel, SSD storage, free daily backup, HTTP/2 enabled servers, free setup and transfer, and many more.
  2. Fastest setup. It takes just 3 clicks to set up a new site, and the SiteGround team will be there to guide you through it.
  3. Easy website creation. Create an attractive and responsive website in no time with a simple drag and drop website builder.
  4. Speed technologies. SiteGround uses the latest web hosting speed technologies such as SSD for faster hardware, Nginx for faster web server, SuperCacher for faster CMS, CDN for faster website, HTTP/2 for faster loading, and PHP7/HHVM for faster PHP.

12. Dreamhost

DreamHost is known for inexpensive shared web hosting and domains, and also provides VPS and dedicated services. Other offerings include cloud storage cloud storage, affiliate program with cash rewards for referrals, and a free domain name with each new account. The provider’s shared hosting is based on Debian Linux and targets budget users. It has no limits on bandwidth and capacity. VPS and dedicated hosting are also Linux-based and DreamHost offers free web hosting to nonprofit charitable organizations registered in the U.S. The provider guarantees 100% uptime on all its shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans. If a fault at DreamHost causes your website, email, database, webmail, SSH, or FTP to go down, you’ll get a credit of one free day’s hosting for every hour of downtime. DreamHost’s two data centers in Los Angeles, are equipped to handle earthquakes and fire, are backed by three megawatts of uninterrupted power supply.

Lowest price – $7.95/month. You get that discounted price if you sign up for three years, and where you’ll be billed every three years. You get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited number of domains, and unlimited number of emails.

What is unique about Dreamhost?

  1. Domain specialist. DreamHost provides free domain privacy protection and free subdomains (create as many as you want). It also comes with domain forwarding, optional domain locking, DNS management, and free custom or branded nameserver.
  2. Committed to security. It applies many security features such as Multi Factor Authentication, auto-enabled sFTP, and free secure hosting with Let’s Encrypt.
  3. Focused on privacy. The provider believes in everyone’s right to privacy hence they implement strong anti-spam policy and free WHOIS privacy.
  4. Solid background. It has nearly 2 decades of hosting experience tucked under its belt, focusing on successful sites for bloggers, developers, web designers and online businesses.

13. Arvixe

Arvixe offers a dozen plans for its services that include shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. It also provides blog hosting for WordPress, CMS hosting for Drupal, ecommerce hosting for Magento, forum hosting, video sharing hosting, reseller hosting, and social network and community site hosting.  Founded in 2003 and based in San Luis Obispo, CA, Arvixe has experienced continued growth on the strength of excellent company management and solid products. It is recipient of numerous awards and subject of positive commentaries. Thousands of small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, and enterprise websites have relied on Arvixe’s hosting solutions. It offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9% and employs multiple SAS 70 Type II Certified data centers located in Chicago, New Jersey, and Dallas. The facilities are diligently monitored and maintained with uninterrupted power supply, high class security, redundant power generators, and HVAC systems.

Lowest price – $7/month. This gives unmetered disk space, unmetered data transfer, unlimited email accounts, free site builder, free online store, free domain registration, and 24-hour support.

What is unique about Arvixe?

  1. Multi-awarded web host. Since 2003 it has reaped numerous awards and accolades, and has been included in the list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies by Inc 500.
  2. Arvixe advantage. The company distinguishes itself as a trusted and versatile partner for any serious website owner and cites among its advantages the following: automatic setup, no hidden fees, free website transfer, 24-hour support, 99.9% site uptime, and 45-day money-back gurantee.
  3. Coupons & discounts. New customers can take advantage of huge discounts such as 10% lifetime discount, one-time 20% off, and free domain with hosting.
  4. Multi-platform hosting. Whatever platform you use for your personal or business undertakings, Arxive can handle your hosting needs for blogs, ecommerce, CMS, forums and bulletins, social network, video sharing, and many more.

14. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting provides domain and website services, as well as site hosting tools to various business types. Their services include shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. InMotion Hosting boasts of a very reputable track record, having been branded by CNET as a top-rated hosting company for 14 years. The company has also received an A+ rating by the the Better Business Bureau, a consumer protection organization that monitors and evaluates that integrity and performance of businesses located in the U.S. and Canada. Based in Los Angeles, CA, the provider caters to small and medium-sized businesses with fastand affordable web hosting solutions, along with reliable after-sales support. Tested several times across 4 different websites since 2005, InMotion Hosting recorded an overall uptime of 99.895%. To provide significant web hosting speed for their other clients, InMotion Hosting has collaborated with a number of the world’s largest ISPs and created peering exchanges to build direct data connection.

Lowest price – $5.99/month. This is a shared web hosting plan that includes unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited monthly transfers, and two domains.

What is unique about InMotion Hosting?

  1. Top rated service provider. Certified for 14 years by CNET for outstanding service, secure website transactions, and best business practices and given the highest rating of A+ by the Better Business Bureau for integrity and performance.
  2. Plenty of site hosting tools. One-click installation for numerous scripts and apps for account management, website building, ecommerce, CMS, educational course management, while also supporting popular PHP and MySQL software.
  3. Website design services. Free consultation and assessment from in-house web design experts to help you come up with responsive and custom made site designs tailored for your business.
  4. 90-day money-back guarantee. Probably the longest money-back offer for a web hosting plan.

15. iPage

iPage has been a leading web hosting service since 1998, serving more than 1 million customers. It offers offers simple and flexible hosting solutions for business, personal, social, and non-profit websites. iPage focuses on three aspects their customers are more concerned about: websites, email, and online security, hence features are geared towards providing these needs. iPage takes pride in being an eco-friendly company, with wind energy powering its servers, offices, and data centers. The company claims to have offset their energy use by as much as 200%. The service provider employs two data centers, both located in Boston, MA, which consists of thousands of servers and multiple Petabytes of storage, as well as redundant routers connecting to the world over multiple providers using BGP.

Lowest price – $1.99/month. It’s a special intro offer that comes with free drag and drop site builder, free domain registration, free email address, free marketing tools, thousands of free templates, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is unique about iPage?

  1. Design your site your way. The powerful website builder comes with a huge selection of templates to create your blog, online store, or WordPress site.
  2. Security suite. The focus special focus on security includes business verification, malware scanning, network scanning, and highly secure data center.
  3. Marketing tools. You get a site analytics suite, free YP.com listing, and offers for $100 Google Adwords and $100 Bing credit.
  4. Dedicated support. iPage provides 24/7 phone, email, and chat help as well as online knowledgebase with video tutorials.

16. Namecheap

Namecheap was founded in 2000 to provide everyday individuals with the opportunity to create and launch their own websites without needing advanced programming, coding skills, and deep pockets. Serving more than a million clients and hosting over three million domains, Namecheap has become one of the popular web hosting service providers in the market today. The company promises an uptime of 99.9% per calendar month and, to ensure that it delivers on its promise, Namecheap employs the latest hardware and software firewalls, as well as the latest server models from HP, Dell, and Supermicro. All servers have at least two processors, 16 GB of RAM and four hard drives with RAID protection.

Lowest price – $9.88/year. It boils down to a little over 80 cents per month. However it’s only for the first year; upon renewal the price goes up to $38.88 per year which is still relatively cheap. This lowest price plan includes 20GB SSD-accelerated disk space, unmetered bandwidth, and up to 3 websites.

What is unique about Namecheap?

  1. Yes, it’s cheap. Even the lowest price for shared hosting cost less than the price for some domain name registration. But it doesn’t compromise on performance, offering fast server speeds and delivering 100% uptime.
  2. Total security as standard. iPage servers are secured to the highest standards, using hardware and software firewalls alongside in-house security package, resulting in the most secure and private servers.
  3. cPanel as standard. It gives you full control of your website through your web browser, using the world’s #1 control panel that is included free with all accounts.
  4. Latest Dell server technology. Every component of the shared infrastructure M1000 blade is fully redundant from power supply to network card to the high-speed SAN, delivering unparalleled uptime, performance and reliability.

17. HostMonster

HostMonster is a Utah-based web hosting company that offers basic hosting plan as well as VPS and dedicated plans. HostMonster started in 1996, making it one of the more established web hosting service prividers around. It is currently part of the Endurance International Group which is a huge web hosting conglomerate that owns 40 hosting brands. HostMonster provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee with its data center monitored 24/7 by technicians. The data center is equipped with a balanced, synchronized power system that will keep the servers functioning at an optimum strength during any power outage. The facility also has UPS backup power supply and 24/7 live system monitoring. HostMonster offers an automatic backup system which can help customers if any accidental data loss occurs.

Lowest price – $4.95/month. This comes with 50GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, support for one website, 25 sub domains, and 5 email accounts.

What is unique about HostMonster?

  1. Fast setup and instant provisioning. The provider guarantees instant provisioning of their servers if you opt to go for VPS hosting or dedicated servers.
  2. Good security features. HostMonster applies different security features like SSL support, SSH Access, Hotlink Protection, Spam Assassin Protection, and regular site backups.
  3. All web hosting features you need. From disk storage to domain hosting, site builder and site transfer, email accounts to autoresponder, databases and scripts, ecommerce and multimedia features, they are all there for you to utilize.
  4. World class technology. The provider uses dual quad processors for their servers, UPS and diesel generators for power backups, Linux OS, customized Apache web server, and multiple 10GB Ethernet connections, among others.

18. Hostwinds

Hostwinds was founded in 2010 with the goal of introducing new set of standards and transforming the hosting industry. Its primary mission is to provide customer satisfaction and support, hence they left no stone unturned to give enterprise level hosting solutions at small business prices. Their offerings include shared, business, reseller, Linux VPS, and dedicated server. The provider operates servers in two data centers in the U.S. equipped with disaster recovery options. The facilities, which are both SAS Type II audited and considered Tier 4 data centers, are connected to 16 fiber providers, cooled by four 500-ton chillers, and secured by round the clock armed security and video surveillance. Robust support includes a ticket system, live chat, phone, and knowledge base.

Lowest price – $4/month. This basic shared plan features auto-installs, unlimited disk space, nightly backups, unmetered bandwidth and 24/7 tech support.

What is unique about Hostwinds?

  1. Lightspeed webserver. Hostwinds has the resources to meet whatever hosting demands of clients. It offers leading high-performance, high-scalability web server on all of its shared plans.
  2. Robust features for shared plans. All three of the shared plans come with low prices, fast servers, no downtime, extensive support, and unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  3. Security focused. Extra measures have been put in place to ensure the security of facilities and data centers to allow uninterrupted operation and deliver 99.9% uptime.
  4. Full refund. Hostwinds’ service include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If within 60 days upon opening an account the customer is not satisfied with the service, he gets a full refund.

19. Bluehost

Bluehost is noted for its inexpensive shared hosting plans, plus VPS, dedicated, and reseller options, as well as domain registrations. It offers full in-house services with its own fiber connections, data centers, and custom Linux kernel running on custom-built servers. Bluehost packages are offered on shared servers and their prices depend on the length of the contract making it a suitable choice for PHP applications that require lightweight CMS installs like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. The provider’s custom-built data centers are equipped with power backups through diesel generators and UPS, and servers are monitored round the clock. Moreover, all user accounts are backed up regularly and Bluehost offers a toll-free refund policy for clients who opt to leave due to a server outage.

Lowest price – $2.95/month. Its a special intro offer with 30-day money-back guarantee, free domain, free site builder, 1-click WordPress install, and 24/7 support.

What is unique about Bluehost?

  1. Lot of unlimited offerings. Depending on plan and product offers, you get unlimited disk storage, domain hosting, secure email support, forwarding email accounts, site transfer, add-on domains, parked domains, and sub domains.
  2. Ecommerce features. The provider gives you functionalities to run your ecommerce sites with secure servers, shopping cart platforms, free generated certificate, password protected directories and open PGP/GPG encryption.
  3. Multimedia compatibility. Bluehost supports streaming video, streaming audio, MIDI file, and custom MIME types.
  4. Free website scripts. You get scripts for free that can create and support features on your website such as message forum, form mail, blog, image galleries, poll and survey, help center/support ticket, project management, and social networking.
  5. World-class technology. The Bluehost infrastructure utilizes dual quad processor performance servers, Linux OS, customized Apache web server, multiple 10 GB Ethernet connections, and 24/7 network monitoring, among others.

20. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a web hosting company started in 2003 and is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It provides high powered web hosting services for all types of website. Whether it is a personal site or blog, a developer site, or a business site with high traffic, A2 Hosting has the solution for your unique hosting needs. A2 Hosting has received numerous awards and commendations for its service and performance. The company banks on its high performance turbo servers to provide fast page loading speeds which it claims to be 20x faster than other providers. Aside from shared hosting, the provider also offers VPS hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. You also have tons of software and development tools (that can be fitted into any of A2’s high speed hosting packages) such as analytics, blog, billing, CMS, CRM, ecommerce, ad server, database, ERP, email, social network, control panel, and many more.

Lowest price – $3.92/month. Ideal for hosting your personal blog or website as it is optimized for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. The plan includes unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, one website, five databases, cPanel, and free SSL and SSD.

What is unique with A2 Hosting?

  1. SwiftServer platform. Available in the Turbo package, it features the exclusive A2 Optimized Site Accelerator for blazing fast page loading of your website.
  2. Guru crew support. A friendly support team of experts are available round the clock to help you with any issues and concerns. And they real persons, not bots.
  3. Anytime money-back guarantee. You can give A2’s high speed hosting service a try completely risk free.
  4. Fine-tuned hosting solutions. All of its Lite, Swift and Turbo plans are optimized for speed, reliability, and 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

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